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Repair, Maintenance and Emergency Service

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Turbine Services
Inspection, maintenance and serviceability testing; rewinding and re-wedging.
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Generator Services
Inspection; maintenance and repair; Tri-Sen digital governor refits; installation; laser alignment; rotating equipment services; and turbine rerates.
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Boiler Services
Spare and renewal parts for turbines, generators, and boiler systems.
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Vibration Monitoring
Boiler / pressure vessel repair; welding; re-tubing; insulation and refractories; fans; and stack erections.
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Spare & Renewal Parts
Install, maintain and calibrate Shinkawa and Bentley vibration monitoring equipment.
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Digital Controls
Automate the control systems for turbines, generators and boilers with digital controls by Triconix.
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Automate your systems, increase efficiency, improve performance and reliability and extend your equipment's life cycle.

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